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The 5 R's: REVIVE

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Well, hmmmm, who out there is feeling refreshed? What did you do? I book some self-care time with some cardamon tea, I made it from scratch I might add, girls it was so calming, the spices fed my soul with a warm aroma of a far-off place and an energy that left my body feeling vibrant afterwards.

So now what, well this week I am going to ask you to indulge in Step 2: Revive. What do you need to bring back to life, give space too or re-establish a connection with? Personally, I need to revive some family connections and will treat myself to checking in with loved ones, I’m sure we will revive some great memories but also revive the good vibes we gift to one another.

I will gift you some ideas for your own revive, lets us know how you get on….

1. Book time with self:

How much time and when to take it, all depends on what you’re choosing to revive. The bigger things like redecorating a room may require a week whereas phoning an old friend my take a second to make the call but an hour or more to get off the phone. Be mindful about how long things will take, remember this is self-care. Look at your diary/schedule/routine and book the time you need and want to spend on the task. For instance, you decide to reach out to your friend, you only have 10 minutes between meeting s and you make the call, your to hang up and she answers but in floods of tears. She’s going through a ting and was in need of true friend, she didn’t know who to call and then sees you ringing! You now have 5 minutes to say just a quick hello, but they need 55 minutes just to pull back the tears. Is this self-care? Yes, it is you wanted that moment with someone who matters to you, and they needed it too, the issue is you do not have the time to give because you didn’t consider she may need something from me too. Allocate the time and make the call!

2. Cleanse:

Girlfriend, revive your taste buds what are they calling for, a little Mexican, Thai or jerk? How is this a cleanse, well it is a cleanse of the palate. Sometimes the monotonies of daily/weekly routine we call life leads us to eat the same things repeatedly. This isn’t a problem (if you have a health balance within your diet), but it can be boring. This leads to over/under eating negatively impacting on the digestive system. Bloated tummy, constipation and heartburn can often be relieved by eating different types of foods, spices and herbs. I will say, the best way to introduce this palate cleanse is to do a little research find well review recipes source great products and make the meal yourself. Stack that cleanse on top of creativity and exploration!

3. Move:

I know you have a pair of shoes that would love an opportunity to revive. Trainers …walk run skip jump! Heels, get that dress on for the cocktail lounge, pants suit for that level up presentation or pum-pum shorts for the bruk it up dance floor. Revive your feet with a different look, feel and height ya’ll! Not your thing, then try a homemade foot scrub or soak, revive the skin, nails and comfort. Show your feet that carry you around, completing your look and giving you somewhere to tuck your bum on the sofa at night, the love that they deserve!

CHECK YOURSELF: self-care is not a reaction but rather an action, taken regularly to promote your well being and maintain your inner equilibrium!

Stay tuned for more R's:

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