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Programming (NLP)

Onyx Yayas uses NLP as a tool to strengthen the mindset and expand its use in our daily lives. Why accept things as you've been told, when you can look at them for yourself and gain your own interpretation, then use them accordingly.

What is NLP?


NLP is the study of the effects of our thought on our mind.  There are various NLP techniques that have been discovered. Since our thoughts and feeling mould our experiences NLP can be used to transform those experiences and in turn our lives.


For the purposes of mindset re-modelling Onyx YaYas would like to introduce you to 3 NLP techniques, these we have used personally; and when supporting others to build themselves up and seek new ways to view their old, current and future self/situations.

Woman with Coffee

1. Content Reframing


This process requires taking the negative thoughts and feelings attached to an experience and re-framing the way we feel about that experience in order to make it positive.


EXAMPLE: your bestie and you have a disagreement and fallout. This is very upsetting for you and you feel a great sense of anguish behind this experience, but let's re-frame the situation.  Within that relationship there was some jealousy, and as time went on less and less in common.


Now let's look at the positive, this is an opportunity for you to meet other people, network and engage outside of your comfort zone because you no longer have to accommodate her jealousy or judgement of others.  You have some thoughts about new hobbies and goals you would like to pursue that you had put on a back burner because your bestie wasn't interested in those things.


You now have time to value you, your needs and pursue your dreams. Now that your attitude is one of gratitude you can accept the lessons that relationship taught you, feeling positive and empowered by the next steps in your journey.

2. Getting People To Like You


Although you may not realise it, a lot of us use "mirroring" in circumstances that we feel happy, safe or comfortable in.  This involves subtle forms of copying someone's body or verbal language.

We like people who are like us because when the brain recognises itself in others it sends out pleasure signals (mirror neurons) to our bodies.  We can apply this technique to others and that pleasurable chemical reaction will assimilate that person to you positively.

EXAMPLE: you've left your children to tidy up the kitchen and as you observe them from a distance you recognise yourself in their behaviour, speech and interactions, you can see that they are mimicking you.  The positive of this is if you are a clean person, they too will be however if you are a swearer, well... LOL

A word of warning the mirroring MUST BE SUBTLE.  No-one wants to be around someone who copies their every move, don't make it weird make it wonderful.

Mother and Daughter

3. Influence and Persuasion


Most of NLP techniques provide the removal of negative thoughts or feelings about challenge or circumstance.  However, there is a place for using NLP to morally influence and persuade others.

This technique was built off the back of hypnosis, but in practice does not require the other person to consciously take part.  Understanding the way person acts and reacts to situations can help you to influence their behaviour without removing the thing they see as negative.  It's a great tool to help others overcome limiting beliefs and conflict.

EXAMPLE: Your teenager is always late to school, they have an "I can't" attitude in the mornings.  Focus on the positives.

You: What are the things you enjoy doing in the morning? 

Teenager: Eating pancakes and writing in my journal

You:  We'll make a stack of pancakes, a couple days worth this evening and you can have them in the mornings.  You just put them in the microwave for a couple of seconds, add your toppings and you will be regularly having your best breakfast.  Now what else did you say?

Teenager: Writing in my journal.

You:  Ok well set an alarm in the mornings to tell you to journal

The mind is now focused on something positive, fun and engaging daily.  This leaves you with a happier teenager; focused and fuelled up, out the door, on time to get to school.

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