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About Us

Onyx Yayas is a platform for Black women looking for inspiration, education and transformation

'UBUNTU'  is an ancient African word that means "I am because we are", let's not just wear our crown but let's crown others... it's lonely being the only.


We are in the business of self-love and the rebuilding of the black community. Success is the key to joy but success does not necessarily mean money cars and houses.  It can mean a lot of things to different people but no matter what it means to you: it takes a community to achieve it. Here at Onyx Yayas we want to provide avenues and access to that community.

We want to see a future filled with well-being, well-intentioned and well defined black people. We are Pro-BLACK, but Anti-NOBODY!​ Together we will grow and guide generations. #EachOneTeachOne


A Note To My Sister


Two sisters, first British born generation of Bajan descent, raised in a household with their grandparents.  Between us we have 7 children and counting...We are Joanna and Natalie.


Dear Joanna...


You are the older and - most of the time – wiser sister.  With 5 of the 7 awesome kids mentioned above I’m constantly in awe of your strength and fortitude.  I feel your real journey into womanhood began; not at 16 when you became a mum; but actually 2 years prior to this when we lost our grandmother and you became my guardian in the absence of our mother who worked her 3 jobs.  


Even as young as I was, I knew that I was not the only person you became responsible for.  With the loss of our grandmother the family both younger and older looked to you to fill the void.  It was tough but through these pressures you built determination and resilience.  These traits enabled you to qualify as a midwife, propelling you to on a trajectory which saw you lead on projects and even be head hunted to write articles. 


When there is chaos, you provide calm, when there is confusion, you provide clarity and more importantly when it comes to doing teamwork Jo, you make the dream work.  Accepting, fun-loving and vivacious are some of the best words to describe you but if I could only choose one; I would synonymise you with, “Better”.  Better food, better living, better standards and without a doubt; bettering others.  Ideas flow, consciousness abounds and commitment soars in your presence.   


You are the Proverbs 31 woman. 


Dear Natalie...


Better known to me as Nat, my little sister, my BFF, my confidante, cheerleader and spiritual warrior, you are a beautiful, vibrant, exuberant, and conscious black woman.   

As a child you were filled with a gigantic imagination and this grew your love of books, chasing authors and eventually writing your own jaw dropping fiction.   

I remember your days as a performing arts student, singing and rapping on the UK Grime scene, shinning like the star that you are.    

Along your journey you built up a network of contacts in all areas of your life from all walks of life, faiths, ethnicities, and abilities, you left no one out or behind. I believe, this is why you are anchored in an abundance of resilience and a natural humility. All these attributes have sharpened your innate ability to perform, provide and promote.  


You took your teenage ideology into your working life, consistently feeding into your each one teach one 'mentality' which I know for you is the foundation of excellence!  From baking to the barracks, the home office to health and safety Nat you have collected and collated a wealth of knowledge, which you have not just acquired and held onto for yourself but have adapted and made available to anyone who needs it. You will forever be my little sister, you make me beam with pride at your inner strength, faithfulness and commitment to pursuing better and being more!  You have cemented the principles of NLP in your life, and I am blessed that I get to witness how your mindset empowers you to raise the bar daily.  

My beautiful sister, you are the ‘U’ in unique.  

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