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OY Collaboration with BME Cancer Awareness Project

Updated: May 8, 2022

Across the month of May, OY and the BME Cancer Awareness Project are joining forces to raise the awareness, expectations and engagement of Black people accessing and undertaking Cancer Screening Services. On our socials we will be posting FACTS, busting MYTHS, promoting EVENTS and so much more.

Join us in celebrating a Black woman promoting our needs behind the scenes and educating and encouraging u in person.

Ladies meet... LORRAINE CHANG

Project Role: Project Coordinator

Project Title: BME Cancer Awareness Project

Project Aim: To promote Cancer Screening awareness in the Black and South Asian Communities.

My voice: I want to be open and honest with Black people and build up Trust between them and the Cancer screening organisations/processes. I live and work within my community and walk the roads, talking with people, supporting other events that Black people are leading on and encourage others to do the same. I want Black people to know what Cancer screening is available to them, when, where and how to access it and where to go to get help, advice and support.

Project Plan:

  1. Develop focus groups: women/men/students/ - to identify the barriers to accessing/engaging in Cancer screening programmes and improve uptake of Cancer screening in these groups within the Black community

  2. Identify the right health/social care professionals and/or community leaders to dispel myths. Support their attendance and guest speakers at both virtual and in person events

  3. To address Cancer screening outcomes for Black people and assess what the impact is of increasing/improving Cancer screening awareness has on uptake of screening.

Partnership working: ARCC- Asian Resource Centre Croydon and RM Partners, West London Cancer Alliance.

Black people need to:

  • Attend virtual events and engage - ask questions, make comments, tell your stories.

  • Attend face to face events and engage - ask questions, make comments, tell your stories.

  • Like, share and comment on social media: Facebook & Instagram

  • Enter into the 'EACH ONE TEACH ONE' mentality!

Finding the Project:

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