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The 5 R's: REFRESH

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

The 5 R's is a process of holistic transformation that requires us to: Refresh Revive Rejuvenate Restore Renew Below we start with Step 1: Refresh

Ladies take my word for it; you need to refresh.

When you are tired it is so easy to lose focus and then motivation. Sadly, your level of engagement and commitment to the people, things, and places that you love, quickly disappears too. This is a big deal, if you have a family to take care of or friends that rely on you or a job that constantly demands more from you, then you need to Refresh. What does it mean, to Refresh, it means to be stimulated, revise your plans or update them.

So let us explore the ways you can achieve this

1. Book time with self:

Self-time is allocated time that you book in your diary or calendar, this is a deliberate action and therefore cannot be a simple ‘note to self’! How about you fill this time with meditation, there are so many ways to get into your zone. Loving- kindness is a form of meditation that empowers you to achieve a Refresh in a reasonably short space of time. There is a bit of pre work required, you need to create a short powerful sentence that personally lifts you. Consider using words that are bold and specific i.e., ‘my Refresh strengthens me’.

Now you have your sentence, let’s begin…

Firstly, get into a comfortable sitting position (ideally alone). Secondly imagine yourself completely well, from head to toe, mind, body and soul, everything is well (for some of you this may take a minute or ten). Once you have reached a level of consistent calm take your third and final step by repeatedly saying your (pre- prepared) phrase. This method of meditation is perfect to Refresh your mindset and restore your body to your personal equilibrium.

Another great way to spend self-time is to go on a date with yourself, you heard me, you’re a big girl you can do this. Why by yourself? Because refreshing yourself requires self-focus and being with others will only distract you from the stimulus you have created for you. A me, myself and I date night could be a movie. I suggest you watch something that will empower or encourage you, if you are really opposed to going to the movies alone, watch it on your sofa, I’ll let ya!

2. Cleanse

All self-time moments require a cleanse, so consider refreshing your digestive system with fruits, veg, lean protein & wholegrains. In contrast, you could plan to fast or follow an herbal detox regime, the properties of coriander are known to Refresh the body, but remember what works for me, may not work for you.

3. Move

If the idea of going solo or researching a dynamic edible substance sounds too much for you right now don’t, I get it! Another option is to get moving!

Be at one with nature and go for a walk. If you are at work, just get your fidget on in your chair! But girl if you have some headphones and know your jam, put on a tune, and whine those hips. I’m thinking, play a little ol’ skool reggae’ and get skanking around the room!

So, ladies go, Refresh! Let us know in the Forum what you did to Refresh…

CHECK YOURSELF: Self-care is not a reaction but rather an action, taken regularly to promote your well being and maintain your inner equilibrium!

Stay tuned for more R's:

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