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New Year, New We

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

Hey beauties it’s been a minute, forgive us. For us 2022 was life turnt up. We have had our highs and lows but thankfully we have always had each other to celebrate commiserate and just holla out ‘I got you sis’!

OY kicked off with New Year, New You, did you find out who you were? As Mum’s we recognised that our romantic relationships with sleep had taken a nosedive and became our side piece. Sleep had been reduced to stolen moments whilst hoping no little people saw you close your eyes LOL.

Our tasty cultural dinners got some tips for a healthy make-over and we encouraged you to grow some generational traditions. Did any of you teach the pikny how to wash a baggy during the holidays or cook a proper mac n cheese for Christmas?

In May, we collaborated with @Cancer_Awareness_Project. We teamed up with one of our original Boss Lady’s to raise awareness and increase the uptake in cancer screening programs by the Black community. In our posts/blogs we acknowledge the beliefs, myths and mistrusts behind the lack of involvement in our community. But we also heard and was saddened by the unnecessary loss of Black Lives…find out more @onyx_yayas

In August, we introduced you to a couple Side Hustle Mumma’s who showed us what it was to work a 9-5 and still have the passion and drive to strive towards their dream. These wonderful women centre on excellence in their field, check out the crochet queen Chi Suzie @NGHart25 and multicultural literature; toy seller and now published author Dorraine @LikeMeForMe_ldn.

Personally, we had one successful pregnancy, completed our first staycation in Wolves – big up the Wolverhampton massive, we had a great time Babs. We saw our mum go from strength to strength after a serious illness which we thought would take her life. We survived a break up and grew a co-parenting family.

Our final post of 2022 was Loving Lyla, and the sheer magnitude of this momentous occasion has blanketed the entire family, so be on the lookout for more snippets of Life Loving Lyla.

In 2023 now we are going next level, starting off with fasting and praying for family success and we expect to achieve and receive throughout the year! This holds us in good stead to plan a wedding, gain a master's degree, touch foreign soil(s) and review some UK Black Entertainment... check out Riches.

We are super excited to get on this journey with you all, whether you are new to OY or a day one lifer we love your presence and the value it adds.

Coming soon:

  • Socials popping

  • New Blog Articles including new Boss Ladies and remix articles

  • OY Goes Live: jump on, jump in, share with us your POV

  • Skincare at its Shea best – the launch of OY.Shop

All feedback welcome Ladies, complaints, compliments, new ideas.. bring it to your sistas we are listening.

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Happy New Year - looking forward to see all the wonderful things you ladies have planned for 2023 & seeing OY go from strength to strength xx

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