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The Importance Of YOU Reading!

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

What was the last book you read? For us growing up reading was a daily requirement, non optional. We read until the covers of books fell off. As an adult reading had become something of a chore, for work, education, paying bills or changing services and we lost the time and the pleasure for reading. Fast forward to pandemic living and time became abundant and pleasure was a necessity, so out came the books and once one was read we were reminded of the importance of reading.

Immediately we were experiencing the benefits of picking up a good book, getting lost in another world, the kind of entertainment that does not need sound because it's your imagination at work, and not the wifi signal! Also you notice your memory begins to improve, you can put the book down for a week, pick it up and remember exactly where you left off. For me reading is a chill zone, a place I get to be immersed in new language, or wrapped up in new characters or applying new knowledge to the situations I am facing.

Also sis, reading is something that you can do alone or with others. It's a reasonably cheap hobby, that can be used to grow your wealth, your health or your understanding. You can read out loud or in your head, highlight significant passages or jot down notes. You can bend the corners of pages, use book marks, set an alarm to start or end your session. Reading is for the bath, the bus, the rained in days, and the sunny garden days, and I made use of them all!

Photo by Monstera from Pexels

I got so excited about reading and needed a huge distraction that a took another step and joined a book club. Oh gurl, I didn't know what had come over me, but life was almost completely virtual and I needed an escape, conversation, a new thing that was up to me and what I didn't know I would receive but inevitably did, was personal growth. This book club was filled initially with women, looking to embark on a journey of self exploration, healing and care. We were led by a women of courage, energy, sass and so much more. She wanted us all to give of ourselves and gain from each other. For an Onyx Yaya, that was music to my ears. We met fortnightly early on a Sunday evening and communicated through a Facebook group and messenger chat. The whole process although new to me quickly became a comfort, an education, a space for critique, compassion, debate and laughter, lots of laughter.

The book club read mostly self help books, which one after the other, start to create foundations and building blocks for both personal growth and the personal shedding of life's BS. Sis I have dropped pounds of not known, known and ignored, known and started BS, I'm now neither burden or perplexed by the stuff of old. Books like 'Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway' and 'Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self-Love Is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness' were very topical, enlightening and easy to apply, to life.

Like I said before this was't just a me ting, the whole group was cleansing, growing and sharing. We were unburdening ourselves with things that had plagued us for years and often, to tell those close to us, would only risk burdening them. We also celebrated each others wins, all of them big and small and encouraged each other week after to week to stay focused, work through the issues, apply the new knowledge and gift those outside of the group with the benefits of the fruits, we were now devouring!

The importance of reading was becoming natural to us in our daily lives and it also embedded the foundations for other good habits we were individually pursuing in our lives. Another great win for me was the impact it was having on my children, before long everyone had a book in their face, even the non readers were telling a story from the pictures they could see. There was a genuine explosion of FOMO, I was reading bedtime stories, daytime stories, GCSE English and online news articles all to keep up with my families growing need for information, girls I was winning!

What had started as an escape for me had turned into family fun for us! This and the fact that I have got to know some amazing women ooowwww and now men, yes gurl 'man up inna da book club' lol, it continues to be a positive experience that adds to my daily dose of peace.

So Sis, if you are looking for a hobby, a way to make new friends, up your reading, improve your memory, reconnect with your 'self' or just laugh out load about characters lives that make yours look like seventh heaven then I would encourage you to join a book club. Online, in person, all female, all Black whatever works for you but 'seek and you shall find'!

Here are two book clubs we can vouch for BlaqueMind Book Club and Personal Development Group: Motivating You To A Positive Mindset but we know it's not a one size fits all. I would say respect and valuing the thoughts, feelings and time of others is a major deal in this type of environment and quite rightly so. Equally, if once you join you think this isn't right for me, leave, its not a marriage. A simple thanks but no thanks and bye bye. This may be an opportunity for you start your own book club, speak with your girls/family members and see who's interested, get on your social and welcome others, don't forget to tag us in so we can follow, like and share, hey we might even join.

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