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The Drive time Playlist

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

They say when music hits you, you feel no pain, oh my yes but you do feel something. What that something is will depend on what you're listening to and the mind frame you have when listening.

I may not remember the year but there are some songs I listen to and I can tell you who my friends were, where I used to spend most of my time, and girl whole memories will play in my mind's eye so vividly I could be back in the moment. More often than not, music lifts my spirits so when I get in the car my first point of call is my playlist. Now what I put on will change depending on the time of day, what's happened before I got in the car and also what's the purpose of using the car.

In the mornings, I'm a worship girl. My YouTube has become so intuitive that if I press the app before 11 am, a worship playlist will be at the top of the list. By midday it'll be something a little more bee-line inspired, then come the evening I need something I can sing along to.

Obviously what's happened before I've got in the car will have a bearing on my mood and what I'm in the mood to listen to. Honestly one of the main reasons for worship in the morning is because mornings can be my less than greatest time of day, so by the time I've done cuss out the pikny, had to find things that shouldn't have been lost and dealt with mash up and tear down argument no. 643 aka siblings, I need to realign myself with the Lord lol. Generally if I'm leaving the house after 11 am I'm either like yeah I'm ready for this or for crying out loud I'm running late, either way a heavy baseline works for me at this point. Whether it's to keep me on the hype hype vibe or to drown out the negative thoughts of being late......again. The evening calls for the singalong crew vibes because it's akin to getting home and taking off your day (changing into comfortable/house clothes).

Then we look at the purpose of the drive, girl let me tell you, I need a playlist just to run to the corner shop and back. People be like, why did it take you so long? Err boss I needed to make sure the vibes was right before I put the car into gear you get me. Hehehe. Ok that's a slight exaggeration, what will really be the case is that if I'm just running to the shop there will be an unfinished playlist somewhere that just needs a quick press of the play button and we're off. If it's a long drive though, the playlist usually gets planned from the day before. I listen to YouTube so much that I pretty much know what's going to come on after I've selected a particular playlist so this will determine what gets played first. If I'm in the car with others I will try to accommodate them to some degree but there is some music I just cannot drive to I'm afraid. I've been in a lot of cabs late at night that listen to talk radio or things like smooth, capital, heart etc. I cannot, these kinds of things make me wanna sleep, everything becomes a drag, lines in the road, street lights it's all a blur NOT a good place to be when you're trying to get home safe. If it's road trip time then it's a whole vibe that gets put on, especially when it's your girls, a little reggae, maybe some 90's Hip-Hop and R&B or Garage, even some soca can be the one, yassss I'm vibesing just thinking about it. Mate if the journey's long enough we could go clubbing in the car before we hit the destination.

Photo by Anthony Shkraba from Pexels - Black woman smiling with keys

Ok so I guess by now you wanna hear what I can hear.

Well for the last few months I have had an obsession with DJ Day Day (and pretty much any of his mixes) but my two absolute faves are his Reggae Mix and the Garage Mix

My morning worship generally starts with a little something like this.

Sing-along-Sally time will more than likely start with Heat by Chris Brown or Gangsta City by Popcaan.

Most recently my sis introduced me to THIS and I haven't been able to turn it off.

Ladies, don't get it twisted I love me some dancehall and bashment too and if I'm honest at the minute anything Buju is on makes you feel Blessed but come on he's the original Driver.

I'm going to stop now because I could be here all day, but honestly I love driving, just ask anyone that knows me! Me and my whip are like one when we hit the road and I love music so being able to merge my two loves like this is heaven for me. Sometimes I'll take a longer route just so I can listen to the about you.

Ladies comment and share your playlists and lift me ups @Onyx_Yayas IG and let us know a Where You Come From lol

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