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7 Ways To Communicate Better In 2022

Hey Ladies welcome to the start of a New Year and the beginnings of your next chapter. So many of us start the year with New Years resolutions which for most, were thought up on the run up to midnight and do not last not much longer! Or am I just talking about myself lol!

In any case, the thing that starts any year, plays the most significant part in every year and often determines how we endure, engage and empower ourselves - and others - throughout the year, is communication.

Communication is such a bland word for such a rich experience, opportunity and portrayal of all things real and imaged, but it's the word we've been given, and in 2022 we need to be giving this word its dues and make it a priority to do better.

I know there are times where we say what we feel or what we want or even what others want, but most of that communication leads to outcomes we would rather avoid. So how about we learn to enjoy hearing our voices whilst we communicate, by communicating on an elevated level by following these 7 easy steps:

  1. Make time to LISTEN, more than you SPEAK. This allows us to first seek understanding not speak. Two ears, one mouth, says it all Lol!

  2. Before giving advice, relay what you think you've heard. This stops you from filling in the blanks with your own take on things (often bias and negativity) and swaying your friend/family members decision making.

  3. Don't accept every thought that comes into your head. When we communicate with ourselves we should do our best to identify the truth and then gain clarity. We can not want from others what we are not willing to do for ourselves. So, reject negative thoughts, if there is no truth in them do not let them drain you and steal your joy.

  4. Be forward thinking. If you are going to have a difficult conversation agree with yourself what you expect to gain or achieve and what you are willing to negotiate on. Many times we want what we want and sometimes we deserve it but will it make you happy to make another miserable? We don't want to be responsible for the pain/suffering of others and so be open where appropriate, let's have win/win conversations!

  5. Consider your pitch and tone. Know what you want others to get from talking with you and speak at a level that they understand. There are very few jobs that don't have a jargon, a way that makes it is easier for the professionals to understand you, outside of that space we sound condescending, dictatorial or unapproachable and this maybe perceived by your partner or children or sister, so have a think and adjust to your audience.

  6. Be confident and bold even bad news can be said in this way and remain compassionate, this stops further confusing questions being thrown back at you. Whether you are making a statement, asking a question or getting involved in the narrative, be positively remembered for your input.

  7. Ask for (don't just wait for) feedback. We are our own worst critics so even if others said you were good you are still likely to second guess yourself momentarily. Without feedback, growth is limited. So, whether your aim is to talk more, less, bolder or louder, ask someone you trust to give you feedback and keep an open mind about suggestions that will elevate you to the next level.

Ladies, we hope this list is useful and fruitful for you. Remember that communication is at the very heart of everything we do, so why wouldn't we want it to be better. Share with us your communication triumphs on our IG page @onyx_yayas

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