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12 Ways You Must Try Rum!

Ladies, it's the season to enjoy yourself and for us this comes with more rum than what is consumed throughout the rest of the year, lol. Its not that we are 'backsin down rum shot by shot' more like every house has a bottle, a taster, a tipple and so it go!

As Bajan's we have a selection of rum and rum items that we thoroughly enjoy and these are made and then consumed by both invited and unexpected guests. Those who visit are in for a treat because we love to share and spread joy. Come on enjoy yourself ! Now your music is bumping and we are in celebration mode, raise your hand if you want to jump yeahhhhhhhh, and let's add the rum!

Tek it....

  1. Straight no chaser 🥃. Sis if you like rum this is the best way to take it, a long slow and glorious sip of your favourite variety and wait for the base to hit your chest yesssss 💃🏾

  2. The chaser, coke skinny or fat, this is the one, but it's the fat version for me lol! Others like drinking rum and red bull, lemonade or ginger ale, I say do your ting innit, just remember not to mix dem chasers before your belly chase de drink out 🤢

  3. The tall cocktail - 🍹- Mojito - 4 parts white rum, 3 parts lemon juice, 6 mint leaves, 2 teaspoons of sugar, soda water on the rocks YUM YUM!

  4. The short cocktail🍸- Mai Tai - 8 parts white rum 4 parts dark rum 3 parts orange curacao, 3 parts orgeat syrup, 2 parts lime juice on the rocks

  5. Rum cake, depending on your island or preference this cake can look very different and may even favour a bread or cake in texture. What I would eat at my Jamaican grandmother's favoured a pound cake with rum as the additional ingredient, it would be made in a bundt tin and so was shaped like the jelly you would see at an English party as a kid ( but it was cake). This cake was rich and I ate it almost to the point of bellyache, looking back i'm not sure as a small child I should have been eating it at all lol!

  6. Black cake, fruits done soaked from October/November, you open the container and can pass out from the smell lol, drunk on fumes. As a child this was not a favourite of mine, it would be at weddings and Christmas and covered in marzipan, another ingredient I could do without. But I would always look forward to the smell, that smell of the warm cake cooling for what seemed like a life time, the smell of celebration and in our house that smell of money, cha-ching as my grandmother would sell hers with orders coming in months in advance. Black cake, now I realise was just an aspiring taste my adult self would grow into, done well, Rum filled moist heavy and as black as the night in winter this is the bomb 🙌🏾

  7. This is a juice that should only be served on ice 🧊🧊 🧊, Rum punch and the ingredients are as follows: one measure of lime juice, freshly squeezed, two measures of sugar syrup. three measures of dark Caribbean rum, the older, the better. four measures of water and Dash of Angostura Bitters and freshly grated nutmeg. This is the reason why you end up tipsy all day lol, it sweet ya!

  8. Rum hot chocolate/espresso I have to be honest since having my second to last child I am no coffee connoisseur and I like my hot chocolate liquor free, so I can not vouch for these rum offerings, but if you can, holla at us. These are made up of either a rich dark coffee or a potent cocoa intense hot chocolate served best in a clear glass cup and topped with a whipped mixture of cream, carnation milk, syrup, spiced rum, dark sugar and topped with grated nutmeg.

  9. Rum and raisin ice cream 🍨, oh mate this has to be a luxury brand for me in a waffle cone, I genuinely have to be walking in the evening with my lover lol. Its the kind of ice-cream that lends itself to something grown up and extra!

  10. Rum and meat, griddled barbecued or smoked rum and um kind of honey/syrup will tun up all meats to another level. Try heating the rum adding to it some maple syrup and reduce it done. Add any spice you want, I add sea salt and crushed black pepper to the surface of my cooked meat/veg and then glaze it over. On high eat finish the meat/veg with a seal thats sticky sweet and potent!

11. Spiced rum this is not my deal either folks, but I know it is something many of you like. It's filled with additional flavours such as vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and sugar and by the stacks on the supermarket shelves it is proving popular in different flavours. Again not a fan and will likely turn down a glass or two during the festive season but if it's tun up holla!

12. Last but not least, I bring to you a big guns tumbler full of

The Rum Mule 🐴

2 shots golden rum,

1/2 lime (Freshly squeezed)

1/2 shot sugar syrup

250 mls ginger beer

2 dashes Angostura bitters

and lots of crushed ice.

Two mules and your ready to bruk off yah back enjoy!!!

Ladies i'm already in the mood to bake, cook and drink up, I hope you are too. Here is a little something to keep your kitchen party nice reggae, dancehall, soca, afrobeats, rnb...I hope I have covered everyone wid a lil sumtin sumtin!

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