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Side Hustle Mumma - The Crochet Queen

Ladies we are back with a bang and you are going to explode into action hearing from these beautiful Black women who are using their talents to fill themselves with joy whilst sprinkling that joy on others. These are determined women who on top of their full time role whether that be as a mum or CEO, are pulling out all the stops to manage a side hustle . This flexible second job, brings in extra money, but typically is a passion of theirs, a passion that they don't get to pursue in your main job.

OY would like to Introduce you to our first side hustle mumma who has a story, talent and vibe that in someway we all can learn from, be encouraged by and aspire to immolate for ourselves. We step back and let her introduce herself:

Who am I?

Name: Suzie Chi and I am from Cameroon

Life and Love: I am mother of a beautiful autistic son who is a Picasso in the making.

Fact: I come from a very big family and everyone is talented

Why a side hustle?

I am a stay at home mum who loves being a parent. Yes, I have been challenged by various issues and also I have been empowered by many breakthroughs. But, ultimately being a stay at home mum can lead to a dormant mind and a dormant mind is easily mis-led. Our sista's turning to alcohol and other vices to get through a day or cover their pain. Talented and capable women without hope it's so sad, this was not going to be my story and so, I decided I will push myself. I tried a few things but ultimately I accepted I don't like reading and everything new or different or possible required me to I thought to myself, I will do what I love, and I am also extremely good at and whaala!

What is my side hustle?

I am the Crochet Queen. I love crocheting, it keeps me calm, reduces anxiety ...

How I got started!

Well I already had the ability and time, so initially it was about sourcing wool. I looked for wool in places where it would be free or cheap like facebook market place. This allowed me to experiment was colours and the kind of and number of products I could make. Once I had submerged myself in my craft I gained momentum and before I knew it I had pieces I was giving away to friends and family. Then came the compliments and encouragement to make more and sell and my side hustle was born.

Who are my customers?

Initial family and friends and them predominately Black women. I now volunteer and teach a small class of adults and attend and sell my produce at small events around my area. This all keeps me going right now but it will definitely become more.

What keeps my side hustle going, when it would so easy to stop?

My main hook is this is my art, the art of playing with colours, I love vibrant colours and patterns. It's my passion, I get to create from scratch, items that never existed before, it's like going to work to do a job I love to do and I get to do that everyday.

What would I say to you beautiful ladies who want to start a side hustle?

What do you like to do? Dig deep inside yourself and ask, what could I do for 15 years that would carry me forever and I not get bored? I personally get more and more adventurous ideas as I go on, which makes my side hustle grow and opportunities for me, broaden.

Where can you find me, buy, follow, like and share?

Instagram - Nghart25

Facebook - Nghart chi

I have a TikTok but maintaining all accounts on all platforms is time consuming so I focus on the ones that have been most beneficial.

I also do pop up markets, events like BHM and volunteering in my local community. Im about to kick off some beach wear for those summer bodies, do check me out!

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It is nice to feel support by our own Sisters.Keep up my beautiful Queens.

Me gusta
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