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5 Ways To Get An Extension To Your Temp Role

So a permanent role hasn't come your way, for one reason or another. This could be because the right role hasn't captured you, you haven't been selected or just because you don't want to be tied down right now, that's fine, temping could be the place for you then! The great thing about temping is the variety of places you get to work, the various types of people you meet and the plethora of skills you can accumulate to fatten out your CV.

There can be a downside to temping though and it's in the title...temporary. Often you are given a timescale for your role so you know when to start looking for something else and the truth is more often than not once you're in a role another will come along. They're like buses, you wait ages for one and then 2 or 3 come along at once. The other inconvenient thing about temping can be that you need it to last just a little longer, maybe you've got a holiday coming up or a special occasion like a birthday or Christmas and just need that dough to tide you through til the next role. Well below is a list of 5 things that you can do to get an extension to your temp role.

  1. Be prompt - I know this goes without saying but honestly it's not just the time in the morning it's returning from lunch, tea/cigarette breaks etc, timekeeping is so important. Temps are an expensive commodity for most businesses and more so when they have a greater awareness of where their money goes, so they will not be happy to realise they're paying someone to be late.

  2. Tun up - OK, so we all get sick and during the winter months we can be even more susceptible but when you've been taken on as a temp it's because there's an immediate need for you to be there. When you're in the room be in the room. Understanding the assignment means knowing the lay of the land. What's the culture of the office? What's the dress code? Who are the people to trust and who should you steer clear of? Girl don't just show up, tun up.

  3. Ask the right questions - Knowing what you have been hired for can give you great insight into how to get an extension, it's also good to know if they have something else they'd want to be done. A simple "well I currently don't have another assignment after this one, so happy to take that on for you" helps to sow the seed. Reading the 'Love Language' article can be helpful here, remember the Belbin's Method was originally devised for businesses so this can help to recognise what role you've been employed to fulfill.

  4. Be expendable without being desperate - So you've been hired as a Project Officer but there's some data entry that needs doing, get it done. Your rate of pay is not going to change because your doing a lesser paid role and the appreciation of the fact that you are willing to 'get stuck in' only serves as a positive, in the eyes of your employer.

  5. Show off a little - if you've got a skill or knowledge that can assist the company you're temping for don't be afraid to share it, even if it's not what you were employed for. These skills assist your current employer to consider other roles you may be good for, and even if they can't keep you on, they may be able to recommend you to another department or even a permanent role.

In addition to the above it's worthwhile remembering that you don't owe anyone anything, but people do talk. If you get offered another temping job that's better suited to you, take it, just explain to your new employer that you have a notice period, even if it's only a week. Trust me, it not only looks good to your new employer but it also leaves a good vibe with your former employer, you never know if you may have to return. Further to this, if you really don't like your current employer e.g. they're rude or they're giving you loads of work that is outside of your scope, then inform your agency and let them know you want to move asap. The same way they can get rid of you in the blink of an eye, you too can get rid of them.

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