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Date Night - Let's Get It On

So, you and your partner have been together X amount of time and things are just not what they should be. Or actually they’re good and you want to celebrate that. Either way, nothing beats a good date night indoors. So many plus sides too it, but just in case you’re questioning them here’s at least 5.

  1. Creature comforts of home

  2. Make more effort

  3. Spend less money (with OY suggestions anyway)

  4. You can get off your face

  5. No dress code, you could wear your pyjamas if you’re both happy with that.

The important thing about the date night is the effort you put in to spend the time together. You’ve already smelt each other's morning breath, surely once you’ve done that and you’re still together, it’s for life 🤣🤣.

Below are 5 areas that can be used to help you re-kindle your fire (no Amazon pun intended hahaha). Share in the comments, whether you follow the below or do something your own.

Closer than close:

Ladies don't assume because you've been together for a long time that you know your partner. Yes, you know them in a sense, but I can also imagine that there are times when you look at them or hear them speak and think who TF are you?? Well obviously, this is date night and we're not trying to have an argument we're trying to engage and re-ignite that spark that got you together in the first place. You want to be in that place that when you sit next to them u just want to stroke their face or kiss them impulsively just to know what boo, I love you, you mean something to me, my life is less without u in it. Because if we're honest with ourselves that's what we wanna hear, see and feel...right?? So now you're probably wondering ok sounds like a good idea but how do I do that?? Come on, have OY let you down yet? I hope that's a no I'm hearing, and I'll tell you we're not about to start now. How about 10 Getting to Know You questions that you could ask your partner?

ATTENTION!!!! There are a few ground rules,

  1. Don't ask these questions if you're not prepared to answer them

  2. Don't try to anticipate their answer

  3. DO NOT interrupt

Not sure what to ask? We’ve got 10 suggestions for you, feel free to swap out any or even devise your own just remember the ground rules.

  1. What animal are you most like and why?

  2. If I could do one thing on a regular basis that would make you feel valued, what would it be?

  3. If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

  4. What is the bravest thing you have ever done?

  5. What scares you most about the future?

  6. What is your best childhood memory?

  7. If you there was only one thing you could be remembered for, what would it be?

  8. If you could choose a super power what would it be?

  9. What's your favourite thing that I wear?

  10. Is there someone you admire most in the world and if so, why?

Just Your Imagination:

Ok, this is going to seem a little out there (for some) but stay with me here. Mug decorating! You could get a couple of plain mugs some porcelain pens and let your love for each other guide your hand. Remember once you have finished your masterpiece it will become your other Half’s treasure. It’s a symbol of your relationship, your commitment to one another, your ideas of what lay ahead. This isn’t about being a great drawer or writer this is about the non-verbal expression of your feelings for that person. See, it’s not as far-fetched as you may have first thought or, even if it is, why not try it anyway. You might find that you lot end up falling about laughing or discussing some happier times together or it may even work as an aide for increased candidness when answering the getting to know you questions...just a thought.

This is a set found on Amazon, there is no affiliate/sponsored marketing here or major research done on price, quality etc. it’s just an example to show you.

One-Two Step:

Step 1. You and your boo create a playlist probably about 30-45 mins

Step 2. Decide on a dress code, up or down its up to you.

Step 3. Set a time to meet (in the home)

Step 4. Go to separate rooms and get ready

Step 5. At the meeting time come together and dance to your playlist

Please don’t let the idea of having to dance to it, put you off of selecting a certain song. Instead think about the feel good factor that comes when you listen to it. This will serve to minimise inhibitions and insecurities let the music guide you and “moooovvveee closer, move your body real close until you, feel like you’re really making love” lol, couldn’t resist throwing in the piece of Phyllis Nelson there

Silly Games:

What about a game to throw in a little spice? There are all sorts of suggestions from strip Jenga, to strip poker (honestly don’t get poker, is it not just rummy??). Drinking games such as Never Have I ever and Truth or Dare. But honestly if you’re trying to get more sensual than sexual you could try Monogamy. Not gonna lie it leads to the sexual regardless but there’s a whole lot of sensuality to explore first, both for yourself and your partner.

Similar to Monopoly, you go around the board and complete the tasks it sets based on the level you are at Intimate, Passionate or Steamy. There is a purpose to the game as the winner gets to act out one of the fantasies they’ve picked up during the game, so how bad do you want it?

The game can be bought from a number of outlets but the cheapest and not to mention tried and tested in terms of delivery and reliability, is Love Honey. Maybe you could peruse the sight together and see if there’s anything else you would like to try.

Pass the Dutchie:

DISCLAIMER: Get your recipes and additional ingredients in advance. Do your own research. Be careful where ‘de chili touch’ because ‘burning like fire’ is not the tune of choice!

Ok, so now you’ve sung your heart out, let's get to cooking.

This can be done together as co chefs or with one of you playing the role of sous chef. Your culinary skills are not being tested but your ability to work in unison to

create a sensual masterpiece is. Here is a table of foods to aid your intimate meal for two:

You and your partner select 2 each of the foods above and be sure to incorporate all 4 ingredients into your date night meal. Now this isn't a I don’t like that ting, we are not kids, were out here throwing down to vamp up the spice in the bedroom and this is one way to break up the monotony, of the day-to-day grind.

As you can see coffee hits both his and her pleasure spots, so why don’t you consider a coffee cake, or an iced Irish coffee! Watermelon is big, juicy and can easily accommodate alcohol. Strawberries dipped in a chilli chocolate are a match made in heaven, perhaps throw in a few twister moves to add a little laughter to your sweet delights. Now Artichokes are a versatile vegetable with a nutty taste. They are regularly paired with chicken or stuffed with a variety of cheeses, breadcrumbs and covered with a light dusting of fresh herbs.

Whatever culinary delights tickle your fantasies, Bon Appetit!

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