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5 Workstation Ideas Perfect for Small Spaces

Have you just started a business from home, had home-working made long term in your contract or would love a place to sit and journal, then this is for you. Having little to no space is not an issue if you are willing to be creative and adapt what you desire, to the spot you have available.

You may love leopard print but, covering a small area in it will make it dark, appear smaller and may even feel ostentatious. If, however you took a small piece of leopard print fabric and put it in a frame in front of your desk or purchased a leopard print pencil case or folder to place on your desk, you could still have your desirable look without negatively impacting on the space.

Creativity gone mad can lead to a space that is not fit for purpose, so let's work through some other do’s and don'ts. Do not create a space that is dark. The majority of people are not at their most creative or productive in the dark and so the source of light source surrounding your workstation is key. Do, aim for the optimum light source, natural daylight. The best ways to achieve this is by devising your workstation by or near a window or sky light. If this is not possible then ceiling lighting, lamps, mirrors for reflective light are all achievable too. Do look for light bulbs that create the right level of light and mood. Coloured lighting for some will create an ambiance that elevates their progress, for others, it may be a total distraction, so go to your local lightening or DIY store and play with some ideas before deciding to purchase.

Do, consider electrical accessibility, how much will you need and how far will it have to stretch, i.e., extension leads and 2/3/4-way plugs. Make sure you use electricity safely and wisely, if you are limited by its location and need to use adaptors do not overload them and consider paying a little more to have them fitted with circuit breakers.

Finally, before you design and then build, think purpose! What is my workstation for? By deciding its purpose, you will figure out the right way to create the space. The need to sit at a laptop and type is not the same as the space required to bedazzle designer footwear, in bulk. Now you have thought of your purpose and identified how to complete your dos and don’ts, let's get started on where, how and with what.

1. A single shelf

Yes girl, this is one great way to create a divide between the floor and the ceiling that allows you to sit pretty in your own space. A simple piece of wood, plastic or metal that will hold its shape and can be attached to the wall with ease (if you have little people be mindful of sharp corners). To make the area fit your current decor in the room or more stylish add a curve, stain of paint to wood or transfers, stickers or materials to make wood or plastic feel less industrial and more homely.

If the room housing your workstation is your bedroom, why not take the executive decision to make your new workstation multipurpose. Add a curved mirror to the space in from of and a couple of cute baskets for makeup and use as a vanity table when you are not working. Or slide a slim set of drawer's underneath and a shelf above your eye line (so not to be distracted) and add your clothes and toiletries to double up as a dresser. Have a separate stackable area for you work extension.

2. Paint a focal point

Use paint to define your work space. This can be done on several ways:

  • Paint a frame around the area to define it from the rest of the space and create boundaries for your workstation and its contents (great for those looking to reduce their inner hoarder lol).

  • If your area is needs light paint the corners with a gloss or satin add some glitter so when your light source bounces off of those areas, they glow.

  • You could try adding a pattern like a checked board effect to your backdrop as a focal point or paint a mural of a favorite place to help you focus feel happy and hopefully more productive.

  • If you like texture and want to create a retro vibe, why not use some textured wallpaper and paint in your favorite colour.

With a small area it won't take much cost or time to jazz it up with paint and if you change your mind, you can paint over or cover with a cork or whiteboard to add notices or jot down ideas.

3. Steal a corner of an existing room

Having a small home or living space does remove your opportunity to keep work relaxation and sleep separate it just takes a little imagination. Have you go a corner, surprisingly even behind a door, then you can create a workstation fit for purpose. The great thing about corners is they easily accommodate in a shape and angle that works for personal comfort when in use and out of the way when not.

Desks that are triangle shape work best but small rectangles or squares can be just as accommodating. Apply a comfortable chair and a shelf above eye line height for extras. Wiring from electricals can easily be attached to the wall to trips or falls. This style workstation is solely for working as they are not generous in proportion, but they make it easier for you to take a break or refuel by going to eat and drink away from your work. So, what you lack in space you gain in self-discipline and self-care.

4. Make use of every nook and cranny

Ok so we have done small and smaller how about not obvious and fold away. Yes, I am serious. There are small home office desk solutions that are wall-mounted storage units or fold-down compartments. So you are basically in a cupboard, of sorts. There are narrow and lockable if you like cupboards that put at the right attached to the wall will open up with enough space to still a laps top and has built in shelves to accommodate other equipment and resources. The height from the floor has to be right for you to comfortably pull a dinning chair into the space and sit and work in comfort.

The fold away desk is also a good option for sticking to a suitable work life balance. Because you cannot overload your workstation with unnecessary items because they will all have to be removed maybe daily or over the weekend when the desk is folded away for relaxation and rest to take over.

Bothe of these workstations can create an out of sight out of mind mentality and so if you have a tendency to procrastinate, they may not be the best option lol!

5. Divide and conquer by using the space between two rooms

For those of you in your fancy open plan living the desk against the dividing wall if a must. Yess you are almost sitting in an imaginary space but that’s part of it charm and your escape. If you are good with wood, then custom build a tall narrow workstation would be marvellous. For those that are less handy Mandy consider purchasing a narrow shelving unit that can be secured to the wall. There will be a shelf at knee height that you omit from the build to allow you to sit comfortably.

Again this a laptop or tablet set up not a full blown desk top unless you pushing Mac money! The upper shelves can be fitted with whatever tickles your face, maybe a few family photos a plant or cute Knick knack that when the workstation is not in use it appears to be a natural extension of the room. This one needs to fit in with the décor so not to make small spaces appear over crowded or cluttered. This workstation can easily take a stool over a chair if that is what fits in your current living space.

Get creating, building and send us pictures of your workstations here, we would love to see your masterpieces!.

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