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5 Reasons to Consider Becoming An Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur involves taking risks and risk is not something grown-ups do, is it? Well, I challenge you to rethink that thought. If risk is the potential for things to not work out as planned, that’s following a recipe, going on a date, or presenting to your colleagues. Rather than plan to avoid risk think about what being risk adverse has led you to become.


1. Sick of working for someone else

2. Feeling as though the compensation you receive 12 times a year, is not enough

3. Spending more time with strangers than your loved ones

4. The ONLY Black women at work or at your level

5. Feeling looked over, brushed off or just not seen at all, (because as Black as you are) when it's time for promotion, accolade, or bonuses you suddenly become invisible

Then you might be a business owner in the making. If entrepreneurship sounds like your next step, I suggest you do your due diligence with the following:

1. Make yourself a list of profitable ideas – yes, you want to make money but if you can find some passion in there too, the challenges you will ultimately face will be easier to overcome.

2. Review your list with a long lens! What do I mean by that? Examine each idea on your list, is there a need, can you do it better than what’s already available, is it important or better yet invaluable to your target audience?

3. Devise a plan your business. Do not let this step, stop you! A quick internet search for a ‘free downloadable simple business plan’ followed by a search on ‘how to complete a business plan’ will get you off to a good start. Even the government will provide you with free templates and advice:

4. Get yourself a partner. Being a business owner or owner of several businesses does not require you to be a lone ranger! This person could be a silent partner, 50/50 or anything in between. Coming from a partnership that produces greatness I encourage those that can, to join forces and make #blackgirlmagic.

You are at the start, but so many of us are already on our way! Keep following this four-part series ‘Boss ladies: Black women making it, as entrepreneurs! to hear real life stories from women that are building empires.

Learn tips and tricks, gain new knowledge and insight from these go getters who are growing their trades across a number of industries. Being an entrepreneur maybe alien to you right now but for these boss ladies, it’s simply a way of life.

Stay tuned and watch this space for insights.

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