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How to make a cheap treat for any occasion!

Well its Halloween! Not everyone's cup of tea, but with some minor adjustments and boundaries we celebrated the day with our little ones :-)

For us its all about the relationships being bonded in the same way as when we were kids. We were made to share, take turns, help one another and make it fun for all!

From 2 to 7 years old, our gang like everyone else's needed guidance to achieve the end goal. The odd push and shove, tear and me first would be a necessary part of any gathering, but when it's all about them, the chances of their shouts for mum and auntie and it wasn't me, are part and parcel of the fun and games #family.

For this gathering, all we used was:

  1. a very big pumpkin £1.99 with enough spoons for scooping out the middle

  2. a pack of glow in the dark teeth £1.50

  3. any sizeable candle

  4. 5 resealable food bags

  5. 2/3 bags of sweets/ lollies £3.00

  6. 1 bag of chocolate treats £1.00 (we used bite size brownies)

  7. 1 bag of flapjacks £1.00 (we used bitesize)

  8. face paint pack £1.00

All carving and lighting of the candle was done by adults.

For an alternative occasion , Fireworks night would be just as easy to do on a financial budget but filled with mass hysteria and all the great relationship building that happens when cousins get together.

Consider a couple of packs of sparklers, apple bobbing, homemade hot chocolates and cookies, easy peasy job done!

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