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The Best Kids Party Checklist

Mummies, grandma's, aunties, big sisters and girl friends is there a month that someone in your life is not having a kids party. All fun and games to attend but can be a headache to organise. Don't fret we got you sorted, here is a one stop

Complete Kids’ Birthday Party Checklist for ya'll to bring the FUN!

Step 1 What is the kid into? 

  • Choose a theme with your child, don't make the decision without them unless they are under 3 years old (even some 2 year olds will make it obvious who their favourite character or animal is).

  • Determine the guest list - is this party for children or family

  • Get your party venue reserved and/or book your entertainer early

Step 2 Contact and prepare

  • If your child is in a childcare/education setting ask for an updated class list - spelling children's names properly is a must!

  • Decide on the menu and activities to match your theme

  • Time to order your cake- even if its someone you know order early don't assume you are the only one asking. If it's shop bought and themed, check that it's available in more than one place to ensure it's with you on the big day.

Step 3 Send and collect

  • Invitations need to be sent - ask about allergies and have them written down

  • Time to order and collect or arrange delivery of the party supplies

  • Send out an SOS for extra help - even if you think you got this, there will be a ball that gets dropped when there was no need.

Step 4 Connect with the people

  • Agree a party schedule with your help and delegate jobs- someone to welcome at the door, someone manning the kitchen etc

  • Call invitees that have not yet responded

  • Check on all your orders call/email cake, party supplies, entertainer and venue

Step 5 Shop for party essentials

  • Buy the food and drink

  • Buy your party bags and contents

  • Make sure all devices are charged, bubble machine etc.

Step 6 The day before the party

  • Cake collected/delivered/baked

  • Confirm your help is coming and know their tasks

  • Decorate the party area/venue

  • Prepare and make any food ahead of time- only prepare what you can store safely at the right temperatures.

Step 7 Party Time

  • Know who is dropping off/collecting children. Have their allergies written down and a telephone number for their responsible adult before they are left with you.

  • Store party gifts to one side - to avoid anything being opened or damaged


Step 8 Etiquette

  • Send thank you notes/texts/emails/WhatsApp's - it is nice to make your guests feel appreciated

  • Review your top 3 Party accessories. Good or Bad reviews are great for others to make better decisions. If your cake was dry say so, but inform the company first, likewise if your entertainment was awesome let the world know.


  1. Have a realistic budget and stay within it! Prioritise the most expensive items and addressing them first.

  2. Avoid inviting people you or your child does not get on with, its their celebration and memories your spoiling.

  3. Look for discount codes, subscriptions or intro's to get what you can for less!

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