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The 5 R's: Restore


There will be times in our lives where big things happen like a loss or a new baby, a wedding or family reunion. These are the times when we reminisce, we laugh, we cry, we revisit old hurts or confrontations, and we consider our what ifs. What if I married that guy, what if continued to play netball, what if my cousin and I had never fallen out or what if I took that gap year and travelled? All these things can make us reflect in ways that Refresh our minds or Revive old relationships or even Rejuvenate our sense of self.

I am going with the latter so we can move to Step 4: Restore.

It is time to Restore you to your inner equilibrium and grow the warmth you will receive in a state of wholeness. So, Ladies is there something that you were good at, enjoyed or desired? To bring back something or re-establish it to its former glory is to Restore. What talent, skill, accomplishment, or personality trait have you been suppressing?

The time has come to Restore it to newfound heights!

Book some time with self:

When I get into restoration, I like to do it nice, you know when your hips are swaying before the tune even starts to play in your head, you are just so happy to be doing you! Happiness is a state of circumstance and when restoring, I love to surround myself with my BFF’s, yes, I said, my gurls, I am fortunate that they come in abundance. Those in my heart are lifers, so they know how I do, and we like to get down. Don’t take my word for it, book that evening in advance and enjoy the run up. There’s the what you wearing chit chat, leading to the desperate run to grab a top, dress or the right bra followed by the WhatsApp banter as you squeeze into, tuck up and slick down ready to pull up in front of the mirror just in time to say ‘Yessssssss baby, you looking nice’! This type of restore brings back youth, jokes, many men, and sore feet syndrome but more importantly a shared joy that can only be achieved with those that love you for who you are, quirks and all.

There are less strenuous ways to Restore and participating in a session of laughing therapy maybe more up your street. Laughing therapy can be done alone or in a group, it sounds weird but hear me out. The purpose of the therapy is to create or recreate a sense of well-being, reaffirming your inner equilibrium through the joy of laughter. The escape of a good belly rolling laugh produces a release of your happy hormones (endorphins and serotonin). The therapy also claims to Restore your facial muscles and tone your skin, which one of you doesn’t want a firm face lol, people pay good money for that.

I know I talk about them a lot (comes from years of working on them for long, long hours), Restore your feet. Book the time to either do it yourself or pay for a professional pedicure, summer feet can be for all seasons.


Cleansing and restoring go hand in hand, firstly plan a week of rest, oh my goodness you deserve some downtime cycles. Downtime cycles can be carried in numerous ways, try five, 5-minute sessions of deep breathing or putting your mobile phone in flight mode for a moment to allow yourself some un-distracted thought time (DISCLAIMER: be accountable for your personal responsibilities during that time), read from a book that grows your spirituality to restore your connection with the higher power.

You can take this opportunity to Restore your gut and take up a few healthy smoothie days to substitute a meal or as part of a meal replacement plan. This last idea and it’s just an idea but consider reducing/stopping your smoking or alcohol intake for a period of time, you never know it may become permanent if you see it as a personal achievement, you have gifted to yourself.


Well, this part of the Restore could be covered in two ways. You could take part in an activity that works restoration into your whole body like going for a swim to open your lungs or taking a hike to Restore your muscles and de-clutter your mind. The other way to achieve move in a place of restore is to revisit that talent, skill, accomplishment, or personality trait that have you been suppressing. Maybe you were a keen gardener and need to get planting inside or out. Did you have a love for drawing, if so get out your equipment and move it into a space that inspires you to create. Are you truly known for being a funny person, but life has dried up your funny bone, then get yourself down to the local comedy night or move into someone’s DM’s and share some jokes. You may actually be happy to be on your own, then find a comedy on TV and sit and laugh yourself silly. We all have choices to make, please choose to restore your inner you, on a regular basis.

CHECK YOURSELF: self-care is not a reaction but rather an action, taken regularly to promote your well being and maintain your inner equilibrium!

Stay tuned for more R's

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