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The 5 R's: Rejuvenate

Ladies we are back! We have refreshed, revived and now we are on to Step 3: Rejuvenate. You may be feeling zenned now you have completed the first two steps but do not be fooled, self-care isn't a now and then, no it is a regular ting, like a glass of wine or a chat and chill with your girl or a long soak in the bath. Self-care is a muscle we far too often ignore or struggle to keep toned because its not high enough on our list of personal priorities. Onyx Yaya’s has captured your self-care focus so remain dedicated to your core.

When things feel stale and in need of rigorous change, it is time to Rejuvenate. This is a way to medicate the soul. So as you can image, great ways to feel Rejuvenated involve all things sensual, like receiving a deep massage or making love slowly. For me, the latter wins the day every time but I'm one woman.

So lets look at ways to rejuvenate with yourself!

1. Book some time with self:

Now you are thinking sensual you can appreciate to really rejuvenate you need to allow some real time. This isn't a quick fix ‘R’, nope this is a space where you really get into yourself. So firstly the Spa, who does not enjoy a Spa activity. As we previously discussed a good massage will rejuvenate your sensuality and depending on the gifted hands they may even rouse your loins! There are other great Spa options and you do not need payday money to receive them. Chill, there are so many pocket friendly places to sit in a steam room or sauna, but, if you fancy something up market seek out a voucher code or online deal, to get more for your money. If the Spa is not your appeal and your sense of sensuality comes with stimulation of the mind, how about you get creative and make yourself a vision board of holistic goals. These goals could include, walking barefoot on grass or devising a bedtime routine that increases your deep sleep hours. Remember these are goals so keep them SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and TIMELY).

2. Cleanse:

OK, lets get into this cleanse because this isn't a washout type of cleanse more like a tantilising mindblown a little suttem suttem different kinda cleanse. Spice, in abundance ladies, awaken your taste buds make your mouth dance, salivate because this meal is luxury, finest, authentic, and new to you. You can either knock up a spicy treat for yourself or eat something spicy that someone else has prepared. Yes it is that simple...choose a culture that is rich in spice and get to eating from Nigerian to Cajun, Thai to Sri Lankan pick your hit and sink your teeth into it. Finally take a bath, use a few drops of an aromatherapy oil in the water to soothe and caress your skin as you soak in the richness and think far away thoughts!

3. Move:

Oh gosh rejuvenation on the move is a big hitter we are talking bussin' open the windows and letting a breeze hit you from the north and south. Or hill walking where when you get to the top and the energy used, coupled with the views, seen, cause a new stirring up of energy that swells inside you and pushes you seek a greater height. Do not just do yoga make it hot yoga , sweat, bend and deep breath so you cleanse your pores, manipulate your hips, and expand your lungs all at once. Or, if you like exercise, live large and in charge by doing a quick 5 minute HIIT session with your favorite online trainer, it maybe short and sweet but it packs a punch!

CHECK YOURSELF: self-care is not a reaction but rather an action, taken regularly to promote your well being and maintain your inner equilibrium!

Stay tuned for more R's

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