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Happiest Jobs to be in.

Ladies, do you feel like your industry or role is the happiest? There was a lot of information around this subject, which you would think, would make it easier to distinguish, where are employees happiest, but nope! We also found nothing relating directly to the Black woman, but on reflection we felt that this was a positive, as we can be in any industry or role. So let's see what the data tells us.

In 2019, 40,000 UK professionals were asked a series of questions about their industry and these were the top 5 happiest industries to work in:

  1. Landscapers

  2. Dog-walkers

  3. Counsellors

  4. Wedding Photographers

  5. Personal Trainers

Now these all make sense, they involve the elevating and communicating with others, they all could be mobile and therefore being in different areas/ environments would be game changer and they all come with personal rewards from the renewal/satisfaction of others. We are not suggesting we are all people pleasers or that we all down tools and head for one of those jobs, but we do think the majority of us get a kick out of helping others.

A Harvard Professor, suggests that service to others provides a sense of achievement to individuals, so if we can see how what we do makes a difference and makes the world around us a better place, we are more likely to be happy at work. This sense of achievement is then amplified when our hard work has paid off and we receive both recognition and rewards for our efforts.

The science behind this agrees by indicating that those with a sense of meaning in the workplace are fulfilled and this satisfaction makes them a valued member of the team. Those that are happiest at work also have a personality that fits their role and working environment, and this allows for great relationships with their colleagues. When our team works effectively it's usually because the skill utilisation is well spread and supports growth, 'you show me, I now know and I will train the next person'. Last but sure as hell not least, lol, money, although bonuses and commission can provide intermittent uplift in morale, actually just having an excellent salary, is a reward that speaks volumes for ones happiness.

So Ladies, if you are job hunting, consider applying to organisations were you are able to help others, gain recognition, enjoy a positive work-life balance, and are managed by a leadership team that values staff. This will surely place you in a position, that is more likely to be, a happy one.

Those of you in a position of hiring, be an employer who gives clear guidance and feedback, reward your staff on their individual merit, and encourage them to develop new skills, there is no point hiring the best candidates with the talents your business/organisation needs and then burning them out. Instead, make sure you offer them a sense of accomplishment an ability to serve others and you too will be working for/running or owning one of the happiest workplaces to be in.

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