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10 Easy Steps To Enlightenment

When you are growing an awareness of something spiritual, philosophical or psychological, and you obtain a clear reason or perspective about it, you are being enlightened.

People who seek to be enlightened are usually both happy in their circumstances and have a heart filled with joy . These people are so fulfilled they are open and willing to share their joy with others. They are confident that they will find a solution or resolution to all issues that may arise in life, because they are willing to work with situations that they fully understand are for their greater good.

Do you want to be one of these people? Here are 10 easy steps you can take to gain your enlightenment of self:

1. It's time to accept that your thoughts are a manifestation of your mind not of you.

If you are in a bad mood and you stub your toe you think, who put that there, and look for a person, thing or reason to blame the incident on. Now rewind and come again, you are in a good mood, stub your toe same place, same way but your reaction is, I am not going to let that change my mood, you give your toe a rub and go on about your joyful day, maybe even put on your heels over your flats cos that's today's vibe.

2. Make sure you know who you are, your true sense of 'self'.

This is the part of you that you should base your perceptions of things on. For instance, your likes and dislikes, your style and what you value. By having a strong and true sense of self, means you do not adapt beyond what works for you, you say no rather that agreeing to things that cause you trauma or waste your time and you do not accept things that do not match your core values and beliefs.

3. Reassure yourself

Now you are clear about your sense of 'self' it's time to reassure yourself of two things; firstly, 'I've got this' and secondly 'I can trust me'. It's not enough to know what you like and don't like if you accept things that make you vulnerable, uncomfortable or afraid. Once you have agreed your positive outlook and dug deep foundations for your 'self', you must maintain that stance by being able to reinforce it with motto, ethos or affirmation.

4. Be who you are meant to be

You are ready to be exactly who you are meant to be! I am so excited for you, clap for yourself, this is a gigantic achievement. For some, that would be job done because now they have tasted the glory of their efforts and will only continue to improve on their daily experience. But for most, in order to keep the head space, to retain your entitlement to enlightenment, you will need to practice regular maintenance.

The following steps are to maintain your enlightenment:

5. Your 'self' is protected by your enlightenment.

There are always going to be challenges, issues and worries that arise but do not let those things penetrate your core.

6. Don't be afraid to seek a middle ground

Much of what we face can appear to be either positive or negative. I am not suggesting you change your new technicolour view into 50 shades of grey lol, but that there are more ways to 'skin a cat' so to speak. If it is not life threatening why worry yourself sick, instead learn and grow. For example, you apply for a job and you don't get it. This is upsetting and can be problematic if you have no source of income, but it can have positives too. In order to apply you had to revamp your CV, update skills, acquire new knowledge. Take that positive action and reaffirm it by applying for other roles, questioning if there is another industry, career pathway or academic approach you should pursue. Ask the company for feedback using that information to inform your upscale, and get the job next time. Your interview technique needs work, research or access the assistance you need to achieve that.

7. You have achieved enlightenment so don't keep trying to achieve it.

You may be questioning how do I continue to learn and grow then? Well now your research, reading and education should be specific to the areas of your life you want to grow and not changing your mindset to suit every new experience. You already know how to face a circumstance with positivity and therefore are not led by your thoughts and/or emotions. However, you may regularly find yourself frustrated by the the way someone does something. If it is not you, you can not change it, but you can influence the situation by not reacting but acting. Try 'can i help you?' or this thing plays up sometimes, let me show you a trick I have learnt'. By taking such an approach, you are not taking over or away from them or your 'self'.

8. Girl you must try everything, that works for your 'self'!

When facing a new experience, start your responses with ' thank you for the opportunity/suggestion, but that is not something i will do', (this is respecting your own level of adaptation) or ' I have never done that before and would love to do that/be a part of that (agreeing that this is your middle ground and therefore you are open to explore).

9. You are unique.

There is no one in the world that will do everything the way you do, or have all of the same thoughts, feelings or ideas about the same things. You know why because 'you are fearfully and wonderfully made'. That knowledge, with your middle ground reasoning, will help you to avoid, reduce and eventually be unaffected by the frustrating things other people do. For instance, you ask your partner to do the bedtime routine, the kids are running through the house naked, the quiet story you chose has been replaced with the daddy's version of the monsters under the bed, the clock strikes 8 and you can still hear fits of laughter and bouncing on beds, are you frustrated NO. You know why, because he too is unique and he does the same thing differently, as long as the desired outcome is achieved, whats your problem, you have NONE. Grab yourself a glass of something and a good book lay back on your sofa and ignore it all!

10. Finally, take a chill pill.

If you are living an enlightened life, things are evidently going to be lighter, for you. Don't look at the world around you filled with people dragging their limbs around, being bent out of shape and throwing their ginormous stones at glass houses and think you are a saviour, NOPE, not your job. Remember, you can influence but not control. In addition, enlightenment is a choice not a right or expectation, so although its available to all they have to seek it for themselves.

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