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#Blackgirlwins 2021

  1. Barbados Independence- After 396 years, the British monarchy’s reign over Barbados is over! This marks the birth of the world’s newest republic. An Island led by women, the Prime Minister Mia Mottley and the President Sandra Mason.

  2. Tamyra Mensah-Stock became the first Black woman to win a gold medal in wrestling

  3. Oprah's notorious Megan and Harry interview caused a stir and opened up the British Monarchy to a level of scrutiny that had not been seen before.

  4. Amanda Gorman recited her poem 'The Hill We Climb' at the American President's inauguration and went on to gain accolade from people around the world

  5. Dina Asha-Smith, Asha Phillip, Imani-Lara Lansiquot and Daryll Neita broke a 4x100 British National record in the heats and went on to take Bronze for team GB in the delayed 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

  6. held the first Maternal Awareness Week in the UK entitled Black Maternal Health Awareness Week 2021 #BMHAW21 Theme: Changing the Narrative. This movement began with co founders Tinuke and Clo whose mission is: To reduce the disparities in maternal outcomes for Black women and birthing people in the UK

  7. Kamala Harris became the first Black/Minority woman to become an American Vice President

  8. Naomi Osaka who identifies herself 'as a multicultural, multiracial, Japanese-Haitian-American woman' [who] represents the modern world [both] on and off the [Tennis] courts, took a step back from Tennis for the protection of her Mental Health

  9. The first Black HAIR Christmas advert was aired on British TV - Afrocenchix

  10. Joanne Anderson became the first Black female Mayor for the UK City of Liverpool

  11. Christine Mboma and Beatrice Masilingi were banned from competing in the 400m races (or any long distance race over 400m) in the Olympics due to their naturally high testosterone levels. Just weeks before the games they were made to swap to the 200m competition which saw Christine come second place in the finals taking a silver medal for her country Namibia

  12. Michaela Coel won both a Bafta and a Emmy for her role in her programme 'I May Destroy You'.

  13. Simone Biles told the world she was autistic and took a step back from competing in the majority of the Gymnastic events where she was expected to dominate, to protect her Mental Health

  14. Alice Dearing was the first Black female to swim for team GB in an Olympic games

  15. Gorilla Glue Girl aka Tessica Brown became headline news after mistakenly thinking she could use the extra strong clear glue as a replacement product to hold her ponytail in place after her usual strong hold hair spray ran out! Laugh or cry, her fame lasted longer than 5 minutes and her hair was rescued and saved by a Black man.

  16. British brand Soul Cap designed for Black swimmers with natural hair was banned from being used by Black swimmers at the Olympic games because the cap was said to not follow 'the natural form of the head'! I don't know who's head shape they were referring too, but Black female swimmers have just as much right to have their long, thick, luscious curls protected from the harshness of the pool water, as the non Black women swimming alongside them!

  17. Loose Women, a rotating female panel from the world of entertainment presented the UK with an all Black presenting panel Charlene White, Judi Love, Kelle Bryan and Brenda Edwards. The ladies took their turn to discuss the issues of the day, from their personal female perspective.

  18. Samia Suluhu Hassan is the first acting female President of the Republic of Tanzania and a celebrated leader. She has been known to have thrown some female shade when she called out the Tanzanian female footballers as being 'flat chested' and less desirable when seeking marriage whilst also arguing that women's sports need more funding! Is what she said derogatory, fact, culture or all of the above?

  19. Amazon Prime brought us 'Harlem'. A programme about four ambitious girlfriends, Camille, Tye, Quinn, and Angie, navigate relationships and careers.

  20. Alex Scott MBE is the first female commentator to feature in a FIFA video game

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