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Black History Month: Half Term....yay!!!

It's Black History Month and it's also half term!!!

OY are here to share with you some ideas about what you mummies, aunties, big sisters, cousins....can do to educate and entertain you little people.

Firstly, we want to share an amazing experience we had during a Black History Month Treasure Hunt. The activity was run by IBHM and gave us some fantastic facts about some little known (or unknown in our case) black people and their contributions to London's history. For instance, do you know who George Ryan is or his connection to Trafalgar Square? How about Igantius Sancho or how black people are connected to the Tom Cribb pub? If, like us, the answer to these questions is "no", then go check out IBHM. You can find them on Instagram, YouTube and Spotify. Their website doesn't only provide information on Black History Month and related events but also has resources which include videos and quizzes. So maybe you could host your own black history month quiz night. This could be done in person or via zoom and is a great way to teach the kids Black History in a fun and engaging way.

Honestly, if your kids are anything like ours then they almost feel it's being rammed down their throats, so we need to recognise that Black History Month has to be every month. We're not talking about cracking open books and writing essays or even sitting down to watch Roots, just some simple examples of black people that have done great things will suffice. For instance, when you're on the road you could point out that Garrett Morgan - a black man - invented the traffic lights that we know today. Or when they're using the location on their device you can talk about the fact that a Black Woman by the name of Gladys West invented what we now know as GPS.

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However, let's be honest, it is Black History Month now so let's act now. Below are just a few events taking place this half term. These were found with a simple Google search using "Black History Month 2021 UK for kids". Don't forget to check out your local libraries, museums and community centres to find out what is going on in your area. Black History is history.

Family Friendly Black History Month Events

***DISCLAIMER*** we are not sponsored by or promoting any of these events they are just some we've come across, and look like fun. If you know of events that are going on the please share here, so all your sistas know.

Numbi Arts BHM 2021: Seedlings - This is how we grow - 23rd October (When you click on this link you will see the event for 28th October also)

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