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Black Girl Woah's

Hello and welcome to an episode of Black Girl Woahs... yeah we're talking "woah what is that?" Lol. Come on ladies we know there are a few issues that are unique to us beautiful Black Queens. It takes work to be us but you know what, work it we do, not despite but *in spite* of these issues. Come we go...

1. When the rain starts on your way to work and you have no umbrella

2. Giving your child the side eye and they're trying to act like it's a nothing because you're with the white mums from school

3. Extra work in the morning cos you didn't tie down your hair that night

4. Always needing cream/oil in your bag

5. Going to a theme park with a wig on

6. Trying not to fall asleep at his house because you ain't bought your products with you

7. Having a white t-shirt/trousers but can't find your good black bra/knickers

8. When the bun you attached gets caught on the Velcro on the train seat

9. Needing to get your hair braided before your holiday so you can swim and still take an afternoon siesta

10. Taking selfies with filters in a nightclub

11. Edges....nuff said

12. The first 3-4 days after having your hair plait/braided

13. The line from the headscarf is still visible when u get to work

14. When you're asked 'so are you Jamaican or Nigerian' you say neither and you're told 'your so exotic'.

15. Using light coloured eye-shadow when your dark skinned

16. When you walk into a all white space and the whole room goes silent

17. When you go into the club looking stinging but you come out looking stung

18. When you have to question if your Black cracked because someone guessed your age and they were right

19. You go out for food with your white friends and they feel they need to help you order 'so there's no rice and peas but they have risotto, you should try it'!

20. When someone pisses you off at work and you have to phone a friend to talk the 'imma beat her ass' out of you

21. When you see a Black child acting up and you can smell the beating in the air

22. You order something in a skin tone colour and it arrives and you realise your not as dark as you thought

23. When your on the phone in public start laughing out loud and suddenly everyone is in your biz

24. Avoiding the 'bugs' (Badd, Ugly, Grabby, Stupid) when the rub up music comes on in the club

25. You're the only Black person in the room so, you're the Urban translator

26. The Black girl pat

We know there are so many more, don't keep them to yourselves, help a Sista laugh by sharing yours here!

Pictures courtesy of: Pinterest

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