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20 Things You Wish You Knew Before You Had Kids

Photo by Greta Hoffman from Pexels

When we sit down to talk about motherhood, we laugh, we cry, we get up and we get on, but there are those times that we end up saying out loud, if I knew it was gonna be like this...

Now we are all up in our children but there are some times lol when we are like WTH. We know our sistas have the same moments and so we asked them to holla at us about the things they wished they knew before having children and this is what they said:

  1. Long term plans are a necessity, short term plans are a sequence of mini fails lol - You've had a family meal planned at a nice restaurant for weeks, the day finally comes, table's booked for 8pm, 7:59pm everyone is still naked!

  2. You used to be Me, Myself and I and now all three of y'all are no longer a priority.

  3. You will NEVER go to the toilet alone again.

  4. The after effects of giving birth! Why was my uterus still contracting and my vagina tore up like cheese from a grater. When did my urine turn to acid and my poos learn to stand on top each other like badly built tower blocks in the ghetto.

  5. I would turn into my Mother. As a child I thought she was half crazy, had kids of my own and questioned why she wasn't completely mad.

  6. Every mum turns into Mary Poppins. Your clutch bag is now a holdall.

  7. All childrens' default setting, is untidy!

  8. Personal space ceases to exist

  9. Mum GUILT! When you want to take a moment for yourself and remember all the activities you said you would do with them and you haven't!

  10. There's only 24 hours in a day and they take up 23.99999999 of them

  11. Its one thing to be responsible but who knew I would have to make so many decisions aahhhhh!

  12. I would still have to wake up early everyday fo school, complete homework and fallout with people I would have to talk to again tomorrow #mumsworld

  13. Mums don't go anywhere unless kids go free.

  14. You will always have a shadow especially in the dark!

  15. Having children is a full-time, full-on, investment

  16. Children grow faster than Usain Bolt runs the 100!

  17. My romantic relationship with sleep would take a nose dive and now it's almost like my side piece. We have to steal quick secret moments and hope no one is watching.

  18. At some point these kids gone grow up and run the streets as teenagers. How do I claim plausible deniability?

  19. If I'd have known my character flaw like procrastination, laziness, shouting, bad time-keeping, was going to be staring back at me through mini eyes, I would've changed it long time.

  20. If I'd known that I wouldn't be able to go anywhere, I would've travelled the world #facts

Photo by nappy from Pexels

All jokes aside there were two things that came through and they are:

  1. How much we put ourselves behind our children unless they need protection and then we stand in front of things such as "bullies, negative teachers, heartbreak, vaccines etc."!!

  2. This second and probably most important thing is; the unconditional love we have for them and they have for us, "no matter what I say or do my children love me as I do them...everyday I teach them, they don't realise that they're teaching me, the power of unconditional pure love." and this is because "the extent of sacrificial love for your children is something you can never be prepared for. You become consumed with loving them and I don't think [we] understand loving until we have children".

Sistas we laugh, we cry, we shout, we stress but I think I can safely say that regardless of whether we knew these things beforehand or not, we would not be without our babies.

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